My friends know that if I'm out and about with my camera, they might lose me at some point.

I will start following random people, or stop somewhere for hours - literally.

I'm Italian, I am 36 and I am an architect.

I've been living in London for 9 years, and moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of 2020.

I previously lived in Switzerland, Tokyo and NYC, so moving around is kind of my thing.

I'm a hoarder of books, plants, shoes and random stuff I usually bring back from travels. Postcards and flyers are also part of my compulsive obsession.

Let's call it a collection though...

Photography is a way to look deeper and better for me. It's a way of knowing places and people, but also knowing myself, over and over again, as my focus shifts and mutates with time. What interests me are things next to what is considered to be photographed, the obvious things, the imprecise moments without expectations, the reality where you think there is nothing to see. One way or another, my work usually gravitates around time, memory and the relationship with places.

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