For the Time Being

Abandoned spaces are definitely an overly spoiled theme.  Those empty, run-down buildings have somehow become a very familiar and hip aesthetic, which is constantly reproduced in a polished version in the next new bar, club, restaurant, co-working, ...

Scratching that surface of pure visual appearance though, there is something fascinating about the suspended life, that once was there, and that is not anymore.

It triggers the imagination and alters the perception of that space, in relation to what we start picturing as a past time.

So what is it that actually define a place as abandoned?
Is the lack of human presence? And if so, how is that different from a place that is just empty for the time being?

Would it be the quantity of time elapsed between the present and this imagined past time?

As in fact, we do not perceive time as such, but we only perceive the events and the changes IN time, we could assume that our perception is then related to the illustration of those physical changes.

Therefore our experience could potentially be warped, shaped and distorted by a “partial” representation of them.

Photography does picture reality, but only a selected portion of it: what physically fits in the frame, in a very precise moment. 

This allows to extend and somehow skew the concept of abandoned places to multiple levels, which will hopefully lead you to imagine other possible realities.