1. Temporarily prevented from continuing or being in force or effect.

2. Supported by attachment from above; hanging.

3. To float in liquid or air without moving.

That feeling of immobility, a sense of stillness, idleness.

There is no motion, but there was just a second before and there will be just one after.

Moments that lasts forever, or just for a second; moments when everything becomes crystal clear or suddenly completely blurred.

Unfinished, transitory, forgotten. Like dusk and dawn,  between what it was and what it will be.


One little instant.

Lives and places slowing down, holding your breath for a second...


A sense of melancholia pervaded by possibilities.

A mystery. 

...then it's gone. 

And everything comes back, moving at the same speed.

So fleeting and ephemeral, you wonder if it even happened.